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Movie Review: Renaissance [Oct. 11th, 2006|11:51 am]
Former Mutants: the Mutations A.P.A. community


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avingail and I saw this at the Ken on Sunday, and we definitely enjoyed it. The title is a bit misleading for American audiences, especially those of us in fandom--it has nothing to do with the historical renaissance, but instead refers to the emotional "rebirth" of the main character.

It takes place in Paris in 2054 and deals with the high-profile kidnapping of a young but brilliant scientist who works for Avalon Corporation, a huge biotech firm working towards human life extension. The main character is the cop who's assigned to track down the victim. I can't say much more about the plot than that, unfortunately, without giving away things.

The animation (yes, this is an animated feature) is fucking brilliant, rendered in stark black-and-white like a Sin City comic book. At times, this makes watching the movie a little difficult and confusing, but it's such an intriguing style that I found I didn't mind so much. I definitely want to watch it again, though, because I know I missed some things--both because of the animation style and the fact that the storytelling is very tight and quite spare in places. Not that it's hard to follow so much, but it definitely challenges one to pay close attention and draw some conclusions on ones own. In that sense, it's rather like Ghost In the Shell.

Anyway, I definitely plan to rent this one once it's out on DVD and watch it at least once more, maybe more than that.